Miguel Dungca's Testimony About Lactezin


Miguel Dungca's testimonial and honest review about Lactezin

Miguel Dungca

I was taking Vitamin A last year for my oily skin both day and night but then I developed a nasty dry patch on my cheek, so I stopped using it. My face is acne prone and I’m glad that your product became available in the market. At first I was doubting to use Lactezin but it has helped make a big difference. My skin doesn’t feel as dry anymore and it looks more healthy, glowing and less dull. It might even be helping my acne since I know having too dry skin can sometimes cause more acne. Either way, it feels really nice, especially when I’m hydrated. I still have pimple scars and I’m hoping it can help heal scars. I’m glad I discovered Lactezin.

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