I have never felt this confident with my own skin.
Joarra Torres Galang-Solis
ASC Ref Code U058P051517L
I struggled with acne in college but Lactezin helped it fade away.
Darwin Francisco Babon Perks
ASC Ref Code U067P051517L
I get pimples because of stress but after taking Lactezin I noticed that it helped them dry up.
Prits Mohinani
ASC Ref Code U060P051517L
Lactezin helped me achieve less pimples. I’m happy with it that I recommended it.
Joy Noyalo
ASC Ref Code U066P051517L
Lactezin helped my skin improved.
Miguel Dungca
ASC Ref Code U059P051517L
Lactezin really helped my skin
Thessa Simbulan
ASC Ref Code U056P051517L
I saw the results after using it for a few days! My skin look healthy now.
Shaira Mia Cruz
Shaira Mia Cruz
With Lactezin, I don't think about pimples.
Ailarie Mae Lucero
ASC Ref Code U014P021017L
This isn't just for women because obviously, pimples and acne don't choose a gender.
Richard Remorta
ASC Ref Code U064P051517L
I’m gaining my confidence again, my pimples do not hurt me anymore.
Herchel Villasis
ASC Ref Code U017P062521LS
Nakita ko yung pagababago sa mukha ko. Until after such time, konting bumps nalang ang tumutubo.
Bhon Mark Edrosolan
ASC Ref Code U023P062521LS
In just 3 weeks, my pimple marks were quite gone... my skin lightened and felt refreshed.
Maricris Tuppil
ASC Ref Code U026P062521LS
It really lessened my acne breakouts especially my cystic acne which are big and painful.
Mario Robert Baclay
ASC Ref Code U013P062921LS
The pimples on my face were getting smaller and the redness started to fade. Now, I have the confidence that I was once lost.
John Flores
ASC Ref Code U011P062921LS

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