Unique Formulation

Clinically-tested and FDA-approved, Lactezin is the first over-the-counter drug that effectively helps lessen pimples in as early as 2 weeks. It is made with a unique formulation that contains natural ingredients antibacterial Lactoferrin, antioxidant Vitamin E, and oil-regulating Zinc.

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Pimple Care Tips

Skin Types: How to Tell if You Have Dry or Pimple-Prone Oily Skin

There are many ways of doing skin care, then there’s a correct, suitable way of doing it. It all starts with getting to know your skin. Can’t tell if you have a normal, dry or pimple-prone oily skin? Let this quick feature on skin types guide you.

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Here’s Why The Whiteheads on Your Nose Keep Coming Back

Here’s the thing about whiteheads on the nose: just when you think you have your whitehead problem under control, they come right back up. But why are these a recurring problem and how can you keep them from coming back? Here we explore the possible...

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Boost Skin Immunity With These Must-Have Nutrients!

Having a skincare routine is a must, whether your skin is normal, acne-prone, or anywhere in between. Of course, a multi-step routine can only do so much, so it is really recommended that you also nourish your body with the right vitamins and nutrients, o

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Tried and Tested: The Best Ways to Remove Whiteheads from your Nose

Whiteheads on the nose, while relatively harmless, can be very persistent and in some way affect the way you see yourself. It’s a fairly common problem, which is why there is no shortage when it comes to ways on how to remove whiteheads from your nose.

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Oral vs. Topical Acne Medication: Which One To Use

You see acne that wouldn’t go away; then you see tons of treatments that seem to have the same promise. Confused? We hear you. As you stare at all the options glaring at you, (and with that nagging need to find only the best solution), one question comes

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Acne, Dark Spots, and More: The Skin-boosting Effects of Vitamin E

When you say skincare, one of the many ingredients you’ll instantly think of is Vitamin E, whether it be for dark spots, acne, or acne scars.

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Zinc in Skincare: Here's What You Need to Know

When one mentions zinc, multivitamins, immunity and overall health may come to mind. But did you know that zinc also has amazing skincare benefits and is used in a lot of products you may already have?

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Summertime Skincare: Managing Pimples & Excess Oil

While we generally love the season of the sun, along with the fun and excitement that it brings, summer can mean extra oil and acne for our skin! But don’t sweat it. A few key changes in your skincare products and routine should help your skin adjust.

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Pimples On The Back of Your Neck? Here's Why You're Getting Them

We all know about maskne and how everyone’s talking about it in the skincare community right now. But have you heard of back neck acne? Yup, that’s acne or pimples located at the back of your neck.

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Acne Scars & What Experts Recommend

Your best bet against acne scars? Solutions approved by skincare experts! Learn about acne scars, as well as a list of professional and at-home solutions.

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Answering 7 Common Questions About Using Birth Control Pills for Acne

Let’s face it: treating acne is a frustrating, and at times, embarrassing ordeal. If you’ve tried everything, from anti-acne diets to derma-approved skincare, and still get abysmal results, then maybe you ought to consider birth control pills.

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9 Common Habits That Cause Acne

You may not be aware of it, but what you do everyday can be causing you some skin problems. Get to know some of the day to day habits that can actually trigger acne.

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7 Tips on Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Struggling with this skin issue? We got you - see how to spot sensitive skin symptoms and learn helpful skincare tips for a healthier complexion!

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4 Ways Lactoferrin Can Help With Your Health

You may wonder: What does lactoferrin do for your body? Check out this quick read to learn about lactoferrin’s functions and why it’s been widely-talked about!

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5 Myths on Skincare for Oily Skin - Debunked

Skincare for oily skin? Some of these “tips” can cause your skin more harm than good. Here’s what experts recommend.

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How Does Lactoferrin Help Your Immune System?

Lactoferrin for a boosted immunity? It’s possible. Discover lactoferrin’s role in improving your immunity and keeping you safe against sickness.

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This Bacteria Strain May Cause Acne Breakouts: Learn More Here

Wonder what’s behind your dreaded acne breakouts? Get to know the type of bacteria that causes it and how you can treat it.

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The Science of Sebum on Skin and How it Leads to Acne

Oily skin and its tendency to have acne is rooted in the overproduction of sebum. What is it, and what can you do to minimize acne? Read on.

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