Debunking Acne Treatment Myths

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Like most skin conditions, acne is a bit complicated and finding the right acne treatment can be challenging. As if it’s not complex enough, there are plenty of prominent myths and misconceptions that don’t help at all.

It’s time to clear up the top acne treatment myths once and for all:

Myth #1: Washing and scrubbing your face will get rid of acne.

Being overzealous with cleansing and exfoliating actually aggravates the skin further. Washing too much can strip the skin of essential oils, causing the body to produce more oil, which may lead to more pimples.

Myth #2: It’s okay to pop a pimple.

Popping a pimple is a big no-no. Squeezing zits only forces the debris from the pore deeper into your follicle, which may result into another pimple cropping up in the same area. It can also lead to acne scars. Read more: Stop Popping Your Zits: How to Remove Pimples Safely

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Myth #3: Eliminating junk food from your diet will get rid of pimples.

There is no direct correlation between junk food and breakouts. However, the consumption of high-glycemic foods (white rice, sweets, sugary drinks) can increase the risk of breakouts to those who are already acne-prone.

Myth #4: Sunbathing is an effective acne treatment.

Like the rest of the body, the skin also benefits from a small amount of sun exposure. However, over-exposure can only cause more problems. If you’re already acne-prone, too much sun can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The combination of excess oil and dead skin cells may block pores and lead to more acne.

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Myth #5: You can treat pimples with toothpaste or lemon juice.

Using harsh substances that are not designed for use on the skin such as toothpaste or pure lemon juice may only irritate the skin further. Opt for clinically proven acne products to treat your acne instead.

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