Pimple Treatments In Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

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Unfortunately, your adolescent breakouts can make a comeback into your adult life. Here are some pimple treatments to help you navigate your skin no matter what stage of life you’re in.


While breakouts normally diminish in the early to mid 20s, high levels of testosterone for men and estrogen for women can trigger sebaceous glands to produce excess oil, resulting in breakouts. Many women in this age also start to use birth control pills, which can either positively or negatively affect the natural hormonal balance of the body.

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The pimple treatment during this period:

  • Try switching up your regular cleanser with a gentle antibacterial that has a chemical exfoliator like salicylic acid.
  • Use anti-aging products sparingly. Many anti-aging products have potent ingredients that increase the metabolism of cells which may be too strong for young complexions and could eventually increase breakouts.


Individuals in their 30s experience increased stress levels, especially if they rarely broke out during their teenage years. Stress induces the adrenal glands into overproducing the steroid cortisol, making the sebaceous glands produce more sebum. Aside from breakouts, signs of aging like lines and wrinkles are now more detectable.
The pimple treatment during this period:

  • As mentioned, pimple flare-ups during this age start to increase because of stress. It’s important to manage stress levels as this worsens the overall skin condition. A way to keep stress levels low is to get enough sleep and exercise.
  • Create a lightweight,  balanced skin care routine that addresses skin aging.
  • Drink hot lemon water early in the morning before eating or drinking anything else. This helps flush out the body’s toxins, potentially reducing breakouts.
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While consistent acne is not much of a problem in this age, perimenopause is now a thing that women should consider. Estrogen plays a big role in regulating the sebaceous glands. During perimenopause, estrogen levels also slowly start to decline which can eventually cause occasional breakout.

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Meanwhile, middle-aged men also suffer for adult acne. The androgens present in their body increases the likelihood of oily skin and breakouts. Their sebaceous glands become hyper sensitive to testosterone, leading to an excess production of sebum.
The pimple treatment during this period:

  • Instead of treating the entire face with a strong anti-acne formulation, use spot treatments to cure the occasional cystic flare-ups.
  • While we don’t recommend picking at your breakouts at any age, this tip is especially true for aging skin when the healing process can take longer than normal.

For treatment that can help manage pimples, use Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate + Zinc (Lactezin). It contains a formulation of 3 ingredients with oil-regulating properties that help treat pimples with regular intake.
Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate + Zinc is the generic name of Lactezin. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

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