Skincare Do's and Don'ts While on Self-Quarantine

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These days, being in quarantine has become the new norm. Work from home is the new way of life as everyone seems to be perpetually home-bound. Likewise, the recent events led us to consider stocking on life’s bare essentials. The same applies to skin care. Now that sun exposure is kept to a minimum and make-up ceases to be an everyday necessity, the big question pops: what are the skincare dos and don’ts while on self quarantine? As you face the challenges of self-care during quarantine, we give you tips on skincare routine.

1. DO Wear sunscreen

You may have very little sun exposure now, as staying home is everyone’s norm. However, sunlight isn’t the only thing to be factored in when using an SPF. Know that skin-damaging UV rays can also penetrate through glass windows. These rays deplete the skin’s supply of nitric oxide responsible for relaxing the inner muscles of the skin’s blood vessels and improving blood circulation. Blue light coming from constant use of gadgets can also pose harm on skin. This holds true especially with repeated and prolonged use of gadgets. Given that, SPF remains to be an essential skin care tool. By protecting the skin from skin-damaging rays, it ensures healthy skin blood circulation necessary for clear, spotless skin.

2. DON’T hoard nor keep unnecessary skin products

True in groceries and in vanity skits, never amass all available products on sight. Some items aren’t really needed and worse, can only do you more harm than good. Aside from unnecessary spending, some products are actually not applicable during these times. Let go of things that can only pose hazards on your skin. Oil-based foundations and primers for instance are the least you need during quarantine. If you need to put on make-up for video conference calls, avoid cream-based products that can only clog pores.

3. DO use antioxidants

Never ever assume that just because you’re indoors and you’re not exposed to pollution, you’re already licensed to tick off antioxidants from your skincare must-haves. That’s a big mistake. There’s such a thing as environmental stressors. This can come from indoor pollution which is claimed to be as damaging as outdoor pollution. Stressors can cause skin-damaging free radicals and the way to protect your skin from these is to be armed with antioxidants found in healthy food and skin care products.

4. DON’T let your skin stay stressed

It’s inevitable that the recent events caused stress to a majority of people. Physical and mental stress do have a direct correlation to skin’s balance being agitated. Stress triggers the production of stress hormones called cortisol. This hormone causes excess skin oil leading to acne or skin breakouts. De-stress your skin through gentle cleansing, regular intake of nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, and infusing skin cleansing products with salicylic acid that calms the skin.

5. DO use sheet face masks

By face masks, we mean those that you normally keep inside the fridge and put on your face to relax and moisturize your skin. Yup, keep that ritual as those sheet masks are the friendly, handy, work-from-home accessories to have these times. As you type on your computers with nobody around seeing your face covered with sheet masks, it’s the perfect skin indulgence to have when most beauty clinics are temporarily closed. But gauge the skin sensitivity as well when using this skin indulgence. Once a week use of face masks should be enough for people with sensitive skin.

6. DO cleanse the skin after prolonged use of surgical masks

Surgical face masks are today’s most basic protective gears against the dreaded virus. There’s no question that it shields you from risking your health, especially outdoors. However, prolonged use of it with humid trapped inside the mask can breed bacteria that can infect your skin. What to do: gently but thoroughly wash your face with a low pH facial cleanser.

7. DON’T overdo your skin care ritual

With so much free time available everyday, it’s inevitable that you do overdo things. Excessive skin exfoliation, washing the face more frequent than what’s normal –- these can only exacerbate things that can trigger skin breakouts. Note that over exfoliation and over washing of the face can signal the skin to produce more sebum, which is an ideal environment for acne. When it comes to skin care, consistency is key; but so does moderation.
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