The Truth About Blackheads On Your Face

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Blackheads. This skin condition is one of the most common types of skin problems, yet it’s also one of the most poorly understood. Blackheads are actually the result of trapped dead skin cells and sebum in open hair follicles that get oxidized by air, hence the black coloring.  As unpleasant as blackheads are, myths about them can be unpretty too. So for clearer skin that’s free of blackheads, let’s clear things up.  Here, we bust the myths about blackheads and know the truth about this skin problem.

Myth: Blackheads are caused by dirt like dust which explains why they’re black.

Truth: It’s not dirt or dust that gives blackheads the dark coloring; it’s the oxidation process that happens when clogged pores are exposed to air. When excess oils and dead skin cells block an open skin pore and the pore is exposed to air, the air reacts to it, giving the pore a black coloring. To illustrate, think of it as an apple that darkens when sliced and gets exposed to air.

Myth: Blackheads are usually caused by oil, so if I don’t have oily skin, it won’t happen to me.

Truth: Blackheads can happen to anyone, regardless of whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin. That’s because blackheads involve hair follicles, and all follicles have oil glands. In the presence of dead skin cells and oil that can block the pores especially around the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), blackheads can happen to any individual.

Myth: If I scrub and exfoliate harder, blackheads will go away.

Truth: Scrubbing and exfoliating hard can be dangerous. It can dry your skin and can signal the pores to produce more oils that can lead to more skin clogging.  Over scrubbing can also cause trauma to your skin, making it susceptible to inflammation which can trigger pimples. The way to treat blackheads is to use a gentle cleanser and to wash at least twice a day: morning and evening.

Myth: If I exercise and sweat it out, I’d be able to “detox” my pores and get rid of blackheads.

Truth: You never detox your skin by sweating. In fact, the toxins that you actually get rid of when you exercise or go to the sauna are not the sweat and oil related impurities that cause blackheads. What you actually get rid of are bodily toxins from within, not the pores. Therefore, it’s impossible to flush out dead skin cells from pores by intensely sweating it out in the gym. In fact, extreme workouts that cause excessive sweating can even worsen your skin condition.

Myth:  Blackheads happen mostly to women because of the make-up that they put on.

Truth: Blackheads never choose genders. The truth is, it happens to anyone with clogged skin pores –- male, or female. Regardless of gender, anyone can have excess oils and dead skin cells on their pores. It’s the accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells that cause blackheads, not makeup. But know too that sleeping with your makeup on or not washing it off thoroughly can cause harm to your skin.

Myth: Blackheads will naturally subside after puberty.

Truth: Blackheads aren’t age-specific. While it is true that skin breakouts are mostly visible during teenage years when hormonal changes mostly occur, there are other blackhead causes that are not age-related at all. Adults for instance, with too much sun exposure and too little time to exfoliate can have experience blackheads. The same goes for older people who do excessive skin shaving and experience skin trauma.

Myth: If I do some sunbathing, it can help lessen my blackheads.

Truth:  There is no proven evidence for this. In fact, constant exposure to sun may even pose more harm to the skin as it can dry the skin out and trigger more oil production. Also, most skin condition treatments may make your skin sensitive to sunlight. Given that, sunbathing or tanning may not be a very good way to address blackheads.

Myth: Squeezing the skin is the faster way to get rid of blackheads.

Truth: This is definitely incorrect. Squeezing or popping the skin can only push the bacteria further inside your skin, potentially spreading the infection to the unaffected areas of your face. Worse, it can cause some permanent scarring which can take some time to get rid of. It’s best not to touch your face with your bare hands as they can carry bacteria and dirt that can worsen the situation. Best  to treat blackheads using dermatologist-approved solutions.

To be able to address blackhead problems, we have to know the real picture.  And it pays to know the truths –- in black and white. Nourish, heal, and protect your skin by using the right skin care product like Lactezin.

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