5 Old Wives Tales About Pimple Cures

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We Filipinos are no strangers to old wives tales, some of which involve pimple cures.

Old wives tales about pimple cures

Here are just some of them:

Bloody Facial Wash

This may be a uniquely Filipino superstition, but a majority of the girls going through their first periods may have heard this from their elders. It was widely believed that washing your face with the blood from your first period would help clear out acne and help make your skin smoother. This superstition has no known origins, but what science tells us is to not do it. During menstruation, the female body gets rid of the unfertilized egg cell and sheds the unneeded uterus lining that has formed in the body. Despite the superstitions and its promised fairness, remember that you are, in essence, using blood and dead cells to wash your face.

The Sun Helps

Tanning has been said to help in drying out pimples. It can cause more harm than good, especially when you bask in the sun without giving your skin the proper protection it needs. Aside from the long-lasting damage you may be giving to your skin cells, constant exposure to the sun can dry out your skin and irritate it even further. Applying sunscreen is important, as it helps shield you from the damages of harmful ultraviolet rays and keep your skin protected from harsh environments that can be breeding grounds for acne formation.

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Constant Force and Pressure

Frequent vigorous washing and popping your pimples stress out your skin more than you think. Constantly washing your face may remove the dirt, but doing it often may strip the skin of the natural oils it produces, causing irritation. It is also understandably tempting to pop your pimples as soon as they appear, but doing so can lead to skin infection. Washing your face with mild soaps and cleansers can help soothe the irritation.

The Disappearing Act

Makeup has long been considered as the enemy of clear skin. It is used to cover up blemishes and skin imperfections, but the wrong makeup can also be the cause of the acne that you are trying to cover up. Despite numerous claims, acne should not deter you from using makeup. Research on what specific ingredients may irritate your skin, and choose products that are non-comedogenic (tested to be friendly to the skin and not prone to allergic reactions).

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Get Your Meds

Surprisingly, increasing the amount of acne medication that you apply on your face may be the reason why you still have acne. Using more than the recommended dosage messes up the chemical balance of your skin, making it adjust to the products that you apply to it. Eventually, overloading your skin with products leads to irritation and the dreaded acne breakouts. If topical treatments are not doing the trick, consult with your doctor or dermatologist about possible medication.

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