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Skin Fasting: Can it Prevent Pimple Breakouts?

If you have been following the skincare community online, you may have already seen the recent skin fasting trend among bloggers and beauty enthusiasts alike. But before you get on board with this: what exactly does skin fasting entail and can it help with skin problems like oily skin and…

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Adult Pimples, Rosacea, and Eczema: 7 Reasons Why Your Face is Red

Not only is facial redness unsightly, it can come with discomforting itch and irritation! What could be causing it? From adult pimples to skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea, we’ve rounded up the common causes of facial redness. The Common Culprits Behind Facial Redness The countless articles and features…

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5 Types of Pimple Scars

There are different kinds of acne and pimple breakouts – they can be mild, moderate, or severe. And after a long and painful treatment process that involves medicated skincare treatments and pimple capsules, they often leave behind permanent scars and marks that can take a long time and a lot…

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The Best Medicine and Ingredients Against Acne

Truth be told, there are so many acne treatment options available and figuring out which one to pick can be very confusing. To help you better understand which product to put on your cart, we give you a list of the most effective acne-fighting ingredients that can best address your…

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Anti-Pimple Skincare: How to Layer Products Correctly

You’d think it doesn’t matter, but something as little as applying your favorite skincare products in the correct order affects its overall efficacy. This ensures that your skin is properly receiving the full benefit of each product, so your skin issues, including adult pimples, are kept at bay. While it…

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Pimple Treatments for Pimples that Won’t Go Away

Pimples can last up to as long as six weeks. Beyond that, it can be frustrating. While they aren’t dangerous, pimples can be painful and could affect an individual’s self esteem. Take control. Read on for suggestions on pimple treatment along with a few good-to-knows on the causes and types. …

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Acne in Men 101

It’s not just women who get skin problems. Men have their fair share of them too, including acne. Acne affects both males and females from puberty and can be experienced well into adulthood. Acne can be more common in adults than what we know, and although women are more likely…

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5 Mistakes That Can Make Your Pimples Worse

If you have acne-prone skin, chances are you know every trick in the book on how to prevent pimples. Removing your makeup or washing your face twice a day are simple yet effective steps that can help alleviate your breakouts, however, are you sure you are doing it correctly? You…

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Adult Acne: 5 Causes and Treatments

As an adult, you have a lot to manage: work, bills, responsibilities at home, and so much more. And as if that’s not challenging enough, you may have to deal with skin conditions like adult acne too.  It can be incredibly frustrating, having to deal with acne as a teenager…

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