5 Ways You're Making Your Acne Worse

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When puberty hits and the zits start appearing, you are told that it would eventually get better, that these pimples would disappear over time as you transition into adulthood. But sometimes, these stubborn pimples refuse to go away and in figuring out how to treat acne, we may be doing things that only make it worse.

Here are some of the habits that you should stop, and ways on how to treat pimples caused by these habits.

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  • Neglecting to clean things that come in contact with your face

    Using dirty towels and washcloths to dry the face you just deep-cleansed seem counterproductive, right? The thing that supposedly helps you stay clean might just be the breeding ground of acne-causing bacteria. If you sleep for eight hours a day, that is the amount of time your face is in contact with your sheets. Having dirty pillowcases in contact with your face is bound to irritate your face at some point. Make sure to change your pillowcases and towels at least once a week to prevent this from happening. Now living in a digital world, be sure that your phone’s surface is regularly disinfected.

  • Touching your face often

    You can never be too sure of what microbes your hands may have picked up. Even if you regularly use hand sanitizers, the alcohol content can also be a trigger to irritate your skin. Additionally, picking at your pimples would only cause a pimple to be infected, and heighten the chance of a pimple leaving a scar after it pops.

  • Overcleansing

    Too much of a good thing can have adverse effects as well. By overwashing your face, you strip away the essential oils that your skin produces, upsetting the chemical balance of your skin and leaving it dry and raw. As a result, your skin is easily irritated and makes it an easier breeding ground for acne to develop. Do not forego your routine, but remember that your face can only take so much.

  • Overexposure to the Sun

    Living in a tropical country at the height of summer is an ordeal we all go through, and this can also be the cause of acne you are trying so hard to avoid. As heat causes the glands to produce oil, its combination with sweat would lead to acne breakouts. Put on sunscreen and avoid going out during the hottest parts of the day.

  • Overmedicating

    You can get paranoid when pimples appear on your face, and it is a common knee-jerk reaction to slather on every available product to make it go away. The overapplication of creams and ointments irritates the skin, which ironically produces the very pimples you are trying to remove. When the acne breakouts don’t subside, it is best to ask a doctor on the proper ways to treat it than self-prescribing. Also take into consideration that you may be using the wrong medicine for your acne, or that the cause of the breakout may be internal and, therefore, need proper medical attention.

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How to treat acne

Now that you know what to avoid, you can focus on how to treat pimples properly. A treatment option you may want to consider is Lactezin®.

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