Lactoferrin: A Daily Essential for Healthy Skin & Immunity

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There’s no better time to start improving your body’s immunity than today. And while eating healthy food and leading an active lifestyle does wonders for your body, you can always count on getting ample amounts of the right nutrients for an added health boost!?

A lot of research has been done over the years on the best nutrients for improving health, and one that’s been getting tons of positive feedback is lactoferrin. While lactoferrin is a common ingredient in some skin-boosting supplements, did you know that it has also been linked to health benefits for your whole body?

It’s time to take a deep dive to understand what lactoferrin is! Learn how it can work in your body and why it can be a good addition to your arsenal for good health.

What Is Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a type of protein that can be found in human milk and cow’s milk. Colostrum, or the breast milk produced after a baby’s birth, is said to have seven times more lactoferrin compared to other fluids produced later on.

Compared to other proteins, lactoferrin has been the subject of many studies because it has been linked to multiple health benefits. For starters, lactoferrin is studied to have anti-inflammatory effects. By fighting inflammatory markers in various parts of the body, lactoferrin may help with conditions that are inflammatory in nature.

Lactoferrin is also known for its antibacterial properties. It is a protein that binds with iron and prevents growth of certain bacteria strains.

How Does Your Body Benefit from Lactoferrin?

Apart from being a known anti-inflammatory and antibacterial protein, lactoferrin can also positively impact your body in other ways. Here’s an in-depth look at how lactoferrin can provide benefits towards these aspects:

  • Health: Lactoferrin has been linked to abilities like increasing production of blood cells and stimulating bone growth. Moreover, research showed that lactoferrin can play a role in better regulation of iron that’s being absorbed from the intestine and into your body.

    There are also studies linking lactoferrin to being a possible prebiotic that can promote the growth of some good bacteria strains in your gut (more on this to come later).

  • Skin: A lot of research conducted on lactoferrin highlighted its links toward better skin health. For instance, some studies showed that oral intake of lactoferrin helped improve skin conditions among people struggling with acne and reduced the amount of inflammatory lesions they had to deal with. A study on animals also highlighted lactoferrin’s ability to reduce inflammation and effectively target acne-causing bacteria.

    Meanwhile, other research also highlighted lactoferrin’s potential in improving skin moisture, repairing damaged skin cells, and combating other skin issues that may have been caused by UV rays.

  • Immunity: Lactoferrin has shown promise as an immunity-boosting nutrient. Studies revealed that lactoferrin may assist the immune system in suppressing the growth of pathogens including viruses, parasites, and fungi. Thanks to its iron-binding nature, it prevents bacterial and microbial growth, thereby stopping these pathogens from causing damage to your health.

    Lactoferrin has also been found to aid in providing a layer of defense for the intestine’s epithelium tissues. These tissues are home to cells that help with food digestion, nutrient absorption, and protection against certain diseases. More importantly, lactoferrin also helps protect your digestive system, particularly the gut, where approximately 70% of the immune system is housed.

Consider Using Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate + Zinc (Lactezin) Today!

When it comes to providing health benefits that go beyond your skin, lactoferrin is definitely a top tier choice. As studies have shown, this protein can positively impact your body in multiple ways and help you on your journey to better health.

For better skin health and stronger immunity, consider incorporating lactoferrin’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits into your daily regimen. For this, try taking Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate + Zinc (Lactezin) today.

To help promote clear skin with less pimples, this anti-acne drug is best taken two times a day for two weeks with proper diet and exercise. It also helps provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits thanks to the presence of lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate + Zinc (Lactezin) also contains vitamin E that assists in fighting free radical damage, skin dryness, and UV radiation, all while helping maintain good skin health and ensure ideal skin moisture.

Plus, you can also count on the addition of zinc to help provide antioxidant, and oil-regulating properties for your skin, promote wound healing, and repair damaged tissues. Even better, zinc may also help promote better immune system function for your body and keep you healthy and strong.

For additional information about Lactoferrin, you can consult a health professional or visit this website to know more. Lactoferrin + d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate + Zinc (Lactezin) is available in all leading drugstores nationwide and on online platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

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