Overnight Acne Treatment: Acne Emergency Kit Essentials

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One of the surest things about pimples is that they can pop up anywhere, anytime. And this is especially true when a big, major life event is about to happen. While you have little control over when acne appears, there’s definitely something you can do to treat it and make it less visible overnight!

Pimples: A Refresher on the Causes

Acne is rooted in four main causes: clogged pores, bacteria, oil production and hormones. Permutations of these cause different types of acne, including pimples. But what specific factors could be causing your pimples? Here are a few that you may or may not know of:

  1. Pore-clogging cosmetics
    Acne-prone? Choose your makeup and skincare products wisely! Avoid products with thick, creamy textures, as well as heavy oils. It would be best to light formulations that are quickly absorbed by the skin.
  2. Hair products and the way you wash your hair
    Are there more pimples on your hairline than on other parts of your face? Acne may be caused by the silicones, sulfates and heavy moisturizing agents in some shampoos and conditioners. As with cosmetic products, look for hair products with thin and light formulations to ensure that pores are not clogged whenever you wash your hair. When washing, you may also try to tilt your hair to the side to keep hair product residue from getting on your face, chest, and back.
  3. Laundry detergent
    Stick to products that are tested for sensitive skin. Some laundry detergent may cause breakouts with chemicals that are too harsh for the skin.
  4. Constantly touching your face
    Especially with unclean hands, sweat, dirt and bacteria may transfer on your facial skin and clog pores.
  5. Inconsistency on skincare routine
    Work out the best skincare routine with products suited for your skin type. And be consistent! Skipping daily or nightly routines, or switching products every now and then may wreak havoc by triggering different reactions from the skin.

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When a pimple appears, don’t stress. And whatever you do, don’t pop with your fingers. Save the panic for the big life event, and let these acne emergency kit essentials help you.

Acne Emergency Kit: the Basics

Start your overnight, pimple-treating mission with the basics: cleanse, tone and moisturize.

  • Cleanse with a good, non-drying cleanser. Look for ingredients such as Salicylic Acid which is a beta hydroxy acid or BHA. It is an oil-soluble ingredient that can penetrate into the pores of the skin, and dissolves bacteria and debris. Exfoliating cleansers may also be handy in unclogging pores of dead skin cells and sebum buildup.
  • Applying toner is the essential second step in a good skincare routine. It lifts leftover dirt that cleansing may have missed, and preps the skin for a serum or a layer of moisturizer. Some formulations also help in balancing the skin’s pH (that may have been altered by cleansing), which is beneficial to strengthening the skin barrier.
  • Moisturizing with a lightweight moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated, and its sebum production in check. When the skin becomes too dry, it compensates by triggering the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. And more sebum can mean trouble for the skin.


Acne Emergency Kit: the Extra Essentials

On top of the basic cleanse-tone-moisturize are these extra essentials and steps that are helpful in managing pimples.

  • Spot treat pimples with a cotton swab. Spot treatment products help heal pimples with active ingredients that absorb oil (and pus, for some) out of the pimple or the infected area. The variety of active ingredients include:
    • Salicylic acid which also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties for minimizing pimples
    • Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria by drying it out from underneath the skin
    • Sulfur helps manage sebum and unclogs pores
  • Slap a pimple patch on and leave it overnight. Otherwise known as hydrocolloid dressing, these small adhesive bandages can reduce a sore pimple overnight by absorbing oil, pus and bacteria from pimples.
  • Don’t forget to take Lactezin. Lactezin is a clinically-tested over-the-counter drug with ingredients that are tested to help with acne and pimple problems. Lactoferrin helps in treating the damage caused by acne, vitamin E helps repair and protect skin cells, while zinc’s antioxidant and oil-regulating properties help improve skin appearance. Take two capsules daily, one in the morning and one at night. With the proper and continued intake, Lactezin helps minimize pimples and aids in achieving clearer skin in as early as 2 weeks!

Finally, try to relax and get a good night’s sleep for your upcoming big event! As long you’re equipped with these acne emergency kit essentials, you can take pimples out of the list of things to worry about.

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