Skincare Musts for the Rainy Season

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Does your skin feel tight and dry during the wet season? Know that you are not alone. The truth is: it can be the weather that’s causing your skin to behave the way it does. Read on to learn more about how the weather affects your skin’s appearance and behavior, along with skin care tips for the rainy season. 

But First, How Does the Weather Affect the Skin?

Having frequent breakouts this rainy season? It’s not you, it’s the weather. Other acne-causing factors aside, the weather impacts how your skin appears and behaves. And there are three ways how: 

  1. The intense heat of summer and the high humidity of the rainy season causes the skin to dry. In order to keep its moisture and protective barrier up, the skin’s sebaceous glands double its production of sebum (oil). This overproduction of oil on the surface of the skin traps dust, dirt and sweat and clogs pores which is the main cause of acne and breakouts. 
  2. It’s important to note that the skin thrives on consistency, and not just with skincare habits and regimens but with environmental factors as well. So, when the transition from dry to wet season (or vise versa) is abrupt, this sends the skin into shock. It scrambles to adapt immediately, and the overproduction of sebum is a high possibility. And when there’s excessive amounts of oil on the skin, the occurrence of acne and breakouts is very likely.
  3. Closely linked to the previous item, certain lifestyle changes that come with the changing seasons are another way of how the weather affects the skin. Hot showers during the rainy season, for example, may be soothing and rewarding. But doing it frequently could strip too much from the skin’s fluids and could trigger the sebaceous glands to overcompensate. 

How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Rainy Season

While there’s nothing that you can do about the weather, helping the skin adapt with a few skincare and lifestyle changes can do wonders. These skincare tips for the rainy season can help keep the skin stay clear and blemish-free.

Adapt Good-for-the-Skin Habits & Home Remedies

  • Limit the use of hot water, especially in your skincare routine. Taking hot showers frequently or for more than 5 minutes can also leave your skin dry.
  • Eat for skin health. Foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E help prevent free radicals from wreaking havoc on skin cells. This allows the skin to keep a supple and youthful appearance.
  • More on making healthier food choices, know that low-glycemic foods such as whole grains, legumes and fresh fruits and veggies can prevent and improve acne. 
  • Drink, drink, drink! Water, that is. Ample amounts of the good ol’ H2O not just helps keep multiple body processes going, but also contributes to keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Treat yourself to a nice facial steam once a week. Steaming relaxes the facial muscles while opening up the skin’s pores and loosening dirt buildup if there’s any
  • Using makeup is an invitation for dirt and bacteria to trigger breakouts. If possible, limit your use of makeup or consider switching to water-based products.

Make Important Adjustments to Your Skincare Products

  • Switch up your skincare products for alternatives that match how your skin responds to the weather. Suddenly oily? Consider cleansers with glycolic acid as these can help penetrate the oil and reach the skin’s pores.
  • While it may seem that treating and preventing acne is about getting rid of oil on your skin, it’s important to understand that sebum is essential for the skin to perform its protective duties. Instead, aim for a balance. Stick with products that help regulate the skin’s oil production, such as a toner that’s alcohol-free.
  • To exfoliate or not to exfoliate? If your skin seems dry, press skip! On the other hand, if your skin looks healthy and needs the pore-clearing benefits of exfoliation, once a week should do the trick.
  • Counter the season’s skin-drying effect with a hydrating serum. It’s a good, extra step in keeping your skin supple and moisturized.
  • Even with oily skin, regularly using a moisturizer is a must. To help prevent clogged pores, look for products that are non-comedogenic.

A Skincare Step for All Seasons

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