5 Ways to Prevent Pimples Daily

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When it comes to the prevention of pimples, it’s often the small things that make a big difference.

Daily prevention of pimples

If you’re on an acne care regimen, you probably have a good skin care routine that you maintain daily. But the habits that we overlook can actually help prevent pimples as well.

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On top of your skin care routine, take note of these small steps you can do to prevent pimples:

  1. Keep your hands to yourself.
    If you have a habit of touching your face, or worse,? popping your pimples, you need to quit this habit right away. You don’t want more bacteria to end up on your skin.
  2. Clean your glasses.
    You’d be surprised at the amount of bacteria in your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Throughout the day, these accessories can accumulate dirt and bacteria, as well as oil from your face. This also goes for your phones, so be sure to clean and disinfect these items often.
  3. Eat well.
    Research shows that high glycemic index foods such as white bread and sugary desserts seem to make breakouts worse. Dairy products and fried foods have also been linked to acne, but experts have yet to come to a conclusion. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to improve your diet, since it benefits the entire body.
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  1. Exercise.
    Regular physical activity is good for the body, including your skin. It helps increase blood circulation, which sends more oxygen to your skin cells, carrying cell waste away. But remember to cleanse properly after your workout!
  2. Relax.
    When you’re stressed, the body produces more of the male hormone called androgen, which can lead to more acne. Some effective ways to manage stress include exercise, meditation, and deep breathing exercises. It also helps to have good sleeping habits.
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