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Everyday Pimple Treatments that are Better than Popping Them

Especially when serious, acne will sometimes require professional skin care procedures and treatments. But for mild, small and infrequent acne breakouts, you might be surprised to learn that you have several acne remedies at home!

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Why Face Masks Are Giving You Acne and How To Avoid It

As we slowly embrace the new normal, we also adapt to a lot of changes designed to keep us and people around us, protected. One of which is wearing a face mask when leaving our homes to prevent the spread of the dreaded virus...

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Clear Skin Eating: Avoid Acne With These Food Choices

You never miss out on skincare basics like cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You make sure you get enough sleep to let your skin rest. You also know how touching your face can cause breakouts. Despite that, you're experiencing acne. If you're...

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OTC Acne Pills: 7 Do's and Don'ts

If you’ve had to deal with acne for most of your life, you’ve probably tried anything and everything to get rid of them. From medicated cleansers and spot treatments to unconventional home remedies, there’s really no shortage of acne solutions out there.

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Benefits of Lactoferrin

Given the many skin-boosting benefits of Lactoferrin, this type of milk protein has gained so much popularity as a potent and active anti-acne ingredient. However, studies say that it does more than healing and protecting the skin. From immunity, to bone

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Skin care at Home: Skin Care for Each Skin Type

Is your skin care fit for your skin type? There is no one best product and routine for all, because not all skins are the same. For your skin care at home, make sure you’re doing it right with these pointers on care for each skin type.

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Skin Types: How to Tell if You Have Dry or Pimple-Prone Oily Skin

There are many ways of doing skin care, then there’s a correct, suitable way of doing it. It all starts with getting to know your skin. Can’t tell if you have a normal, dry or pimple-prone oily skin? Let this quick feature on skin types guide you.

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5 Best Natural Anti-Acne Care Tips

Too busy to deal with an extensive skincare regimen? You can still achieve clean and clear skin goals by knowing the basics of the best natural skin care tips. Healthy lifestyle choices and good health can help prevent acne from even forming in the first

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Pimples on the Forehead, Chin, Nose: What Causes Them?

Do you suffer with persistent pimples in the same place month after month? There may be a deeper meaning to these problem areas than we probably realize.

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