Whiteheads: the Causes and How to Cure

Whiteheads are those white, round bumps that usually appear on the face, back, chest and sometimes the neck and shoulders. Pesky as they may be, the good news is that there are ways to manage them. Read on for a feature on whiteheads, the causes and how t

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How To Conceal Facial Pimples

Acne-prone individuals know the struggle of covering up nasty pimples on the face. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to concealing these bumps, because they come in different shapes, textures, and sizes! Covering them up...

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Whiteheads vs Milia: What’s the Difference?

Frustrated because the small, white bumps on your face won’t go away? Do you feel like you’ve tried every whitehead remedy on the book? Maybe you’re not dealing with whiteheads after all. Whiteheads vs. Milia: What’s the Difference? Whiteheads are...

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The Secret Acne Treatment: Lactoferrin

In the world where most products promise instant relief, lactoferrin is fast becoming a steadfast pillar in the skincare industry. Many people have endlessly tried different treatments for persistent pimples, but may have been approaching the problem...

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Here’s Why The Whiteheads on Your Nose Keep Coming Back

Here’s the thing about whiteheads on the nose: just when you think you have your whitehead problem under control, they come right back up. But why are these a recurring problem and how can you keep them from coming back? Here we explore the possible...

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4 Whitehead Removal Methods and How They Work

Blackheads are fairly easy (and satisfying!) to remove, but what to do about those pesky whiteheads that don’t seem to go away? To know how to get rid of them, we must first learn the difference between blackheads and whiteheads: both are formed when dead

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