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A Guide to Over the Counter Acne Treatments

Stores are filled with over the counter acne treatments such as creams and pills. How do you know which one will work for you? Because acne is such a common skin problem, there are now more acne treatment options available in the market. The dilemma...

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Acne Removal: Which Option Works Best for You?

Not all pimples are created equal. Determining the best acne removal method depends on what type of acne you have. We know that acne is the result of clogged hair follicles. Oil and other debris on the skin’s surface clog the pores, creating small...

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Acne Face Map: Understanding Pimples & Their Locations on Your Face

Let's face it there are skin breakouts that seem to appear and reappear in just one area of your face. Stubborn pimples on your chin? Recurring blackheads on your forehead? Pesky zits on your eyebrows? Before you slather your face with tons of anti...

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Skincare Ingredients You Shouldn’t Mix for Acne-Prone Skin

All anti-acne products feature one or several active ingredients to help perform a specific function. One active ingredient can help lessen inflammation, for example, while the other can help unclog pores. While these skincare products...

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Chest Acne: Here's What's Causing It and How to Get Rid of It

Acne in the chest area can be particularly annoying, especially in a humid country like the Philippines where it’s normal to have more skin on display. Unfortunately, for some facial acne sufferers, chest area breakouts are also a normal occurrence.

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Adult Acne: Why You Get It

Acne doesn’t just happen to teens; you can still get it as an adult (adult acne). Fortunately, adult acne can be managed and treated.

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Acne SOS: Tips for Treating Pimples Overnight

A big pimple the day before an important meeting, a first date, or a job interview? Don’t feel bad, it happens to the rest of us! While popping it with your hands seems like the obvious solution, dermatologists consider it to be one of the worst...

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Late Nights? Here's How Staying Up Affects Your Skin

The food you eat, your hormones, your DNA, and your skincare products all have a lasting impact on your skin. And so does sleep, that's why we say beauty sleep is real. Sleeping allows not only our body but also our skin to recharge. It is the biggest...

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Skin Care and Self-Care: What's The Connection?

Over the past few years, the self-care trend and movement has gained a widely acclaimed reputation for its simple and straightforward approach on holistic health. Activities like yoga and mindfulness and social media detox are all ways that can help...

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