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Lactoferrin: A Daily Essential for Healthy Skin & Immunity

Research has shown that lactoferrin may bolster your health in many ways. Learn more about the potential benefits of this substance here.

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5 Tips to Avoid a Holiday Breakout

Don’t let a breakout ruin your holiday spirit - take note of these tips that’ll help prevent the appearance of pimples this season.

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Why Are There Pimples on the Back of Your Neck?

Struggling with pimples that appeared on the back of your neck? Find out more about why they appeared, and how you can relieve them right away.

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What to Include in Your Holiday Diet for Pimple-Free Skin

Achieve glowing skin during the holidays with the help of a healthy diet. Learn what you should and shouldn't eat at this time of year for pimple-free skin.

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How to Get Glowing Skin for the Holidays

Ring in the holidays with glowing skin! Check out these skincare tips to improve your complexion so you’re ready to celebrate!

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Acne Scars & What Experts Recommend

Your best bet against acne scars? Solutions approved by skincare experts! Learn about acne scars, as well as a list of professional and at-home solutions.

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Lactoferrin and Skin Immunity: What’s The Connection?

To explore Lactoferrin, its makeup and properties that stimulate the body's immune function. A portion of the article will be on defining Skin Immunity and how Lactoferrin benefits it.

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9 Common Habits That Cause Acne

You may not be aware of it, but what you do everyday can be causing you some skin problems. Get to know some of the day to day habits that can actually trigger acne.

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Answering 7 Common Questions About Using Birth Control Pills for Acne

Let’s face it: treating acne is a frustrating, and at times, embarrassing ordeal. If you’ve tried everything, from anti-acne diets to derma-approved skincare, and still get abysmal results, then maybe you ought to consider birth control pills.

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