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Pimples That Won't Quit? It Could Be Hormonal Acne

As much as we want pimples to remain a memory from our teenage years, this is sadly not the case for many women thanks to hormonal acne. The good news? It can be treated.

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Lactoferrin Dosage: Just How Much Is Enough for Acne?

Ever wondered why you are recommended only a certain amount of medicine when you ask for a prescription? All doctors’ medicine prescriptions comes with its recommended dosage. Whether it is over-the-counter drugs or prescribed, each tablet...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fighting Acne

Admit it–the moment we see the first signs of pimples, we do everything we can to make them disappear. But are you doing more harm than good? Know what you should and should not do when fighting to keep your skin clear from acne.

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A Guide to Anti-Acne Treatments

Finding the perfect acne treatment requires a tremendous amount of patience and a lot of trial-and-error, simply because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fighting acne. Everyone has different skin types and is exposed to different...

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Acne Q&A: Your Top Questions, Answered

Why do I still get acne as an adult? Is there medicine for pimples? If you’re suffering from acne, a better understanding of the condition can help you find the best way to treat it.

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Pimple Treatments: Do They Really Work?

There is no shortage of pimple treatments available in the market. The question is: do these products do the job?

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Daily Skin Care Tips for Acne Prone Skin

When you have acne-prone skin, you need to have a daily acne care routine. For your particular skin concern, this routine should aim to remove excess oil, keep pores clean, and help your breakouts heal faster. A daily acne care routine doesn’t have to...

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Lactoferrin: How It Fights Acne | Lactezin

In your search for acne-fighting products, you may have encountered lactoferrin in your research. But how does it work and how does it fight acne?

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Here's How to Remove Acne, The Right Way

At the first sign of pimples, the immediate reaction is to get rid of it, stat. But before you go straight into battle mode, you have to know what you’re dealing with it. After all, not every kind of breakout is the same. Different types of...

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