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How Do You Take An Acne Capsule? A Guide to Proper Intake

Related Article Pimple Care Tips How to Combat Hormonal Acne Like all other types of medicine, there are rules that need to be followed when taking acne capsules to ensure that they give the optimum results that you want to achieve. Acne Capsules: What...

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5 Tips on How to Deal with Emergency Pimple Problems

Emergency pimples? We’ve all experienced it. While certainly annoying, these pimple problems are preventable. You just need to know the best tips and lifestyle changes that you should commit to. Plus, it’s a good thing most pimple treatments are just...

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Skin Fasting: Can it Prevent Pimple Breakouts?

If you have been following the skincare community online, you may have already seen the recent skin fasting trend among bloggers and beauty enthusiasts alike. But before you get on board with this what exactly does skin fasting entail and can it help...

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Adult Pimples: Skincare Tips to Master Before Turning 40

When it comes to skincare, it's always important to think of the long-term effects. In fact, you might be doing this ritual as a precautionary measure into your late 30s, 40s, and beyond, because nobody wants adult pimples or irreversible skin damage...

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Lactoferrin and More: 6 Holy Grail Products that Help Fight Acne

If there's one thing that makes acne so stressful, it's the annoying truth that it's not always easy to get rid of them. As one zit disappears, two or more would appear - and they seem to be there forever. Your default step is to look for skincare...

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Can You Treat Pimples with an Anti-Acne Diet?

Can you eat your way out of acne? Some studies suggest that there are certain foods that not only nourish your skin, but can also help get rid of pesky acne problems. Read on to learn what these foods are, and how they help treat acne such as pimples.

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Anti-Pimple Skincare: How to Layer Products Correctly

You’d think it doesn’t matter, but something as little as applying your favorite skincare products in the correct order affects its overall efficacy. This ensures that your skin is properly receiving the full benefit of each product, so your skin...

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